For Jessie

This blog is inspired by the life of Jessie Turner, a truly kick-ass chick who left us way too soon at the age of 29.

Jessie grew up near Mesquite, where she was “that girl”. You know, that girl who is so naturally friendly and gets along with everyone. That girl who is involved in everything from band to sports to academics. That girl who is a jock, a nerd, and your best friend.

After graduating as Valedictorian (I blame her Korean half) of Virgin Valley High School, she headed up to the University of Nevada, Reno where she continued to be that girl. Even though Jessie’s schedule was intense and she didn’t flinch a bit. At any one time the girl would be off to an intramural game, coordinating the publicity for an upcoming Margaret Cho concert for the ASUN, planning a trip to Chicago for a student advertising conference, doing a late-night burrito run for her designers, marching with the band, selling Maui Jim’s at the Sunglass Hut, collecting canned food, or giving tours of the campus to prospective students.

Jessie’s capabilities were endless. She did the work of two, no, three people. In many people’s eyes, she was unstoppable.

Even when she learned she got cancer she didn’t let that stop her from her responsibilities.  And when the cancer attacked her spine and took her ability to walk, she adapted to life in a wheelchair and kept on doing her thing.

Jessie didn’t want to die.

She fought and fought and fought until the very end. Jessie left us on October 10, 2011.

Jessie accomplished more in her 29 years than most people do in their entire lifetime. Imagine what the girl could’ve accomplished if she was still alive.

Which is why this blog was started.

Besides trying to build pride in Nevada, this blog hopes to capture the spirit of Jessie. The spirit of a graphic designer who worked her ass off, loved her heart out, and faced the forces of doubt and complacency and gave it the finger.

This is for the people out their like Jessie.  People who are pushing their limits. People who use creativity to solve problems. People who fight to make themselves AND their communities better.

If this is you, than you my friend, are The Battle Born.



















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