When I was in Iraq a couple of years ago, I read an article about a local business in Reno I used to frequent that was closing shop.  In it’s place was going to be a Subway or something else equally as generic and depressing. And then another story about a local business shutting down. And another.

Local business are what makes communities unique. Local businesses give more to the community. Local businesses in Reno are constantly under attack by franchises.

After traveling I’ve seen many places have movements/campaigns that urge it’s residents to buy local. My favorite (second to the one I’m about to present) is San Diego’s S.L.O.B “Supporting Locally-Owned Business”.

After doing some brainstorming techniques I came across the perfect name for our campaign: Renourish. That’s exactly what we are doing when we patronize local business, we are “feeding” our community and making it grow.

From there I started on the logo:

As you can see the word “Renourish” is in stylized letters that accentuate “Reno” and  is paired with two upside-down Nevada symbols which represents a home, the feeling local businesses create.

To give the logo some variation and flexibility I chose a variety of fun bold colors, as well as a different layout.

My original plan was to approach businesses with a “toolbox” of materials, making them the brand stewards and giving them the means of spreading the idea.

A toolbox would include: a certification sticker to put in their front window, brochures on what Renourish is and the importance of local business, bumper stickers, a t-shirt and some screen-printed posters that could be placed on community boards.

The certification sticker (Photo by Terrie Leighton)

The screenprint posters.

People can “flaunt” their support for local business when the business puts they’re goods in a Renourish shopping bag.

Another idea would be a partnership with the to interview local business owners. I feel that interviewing the owner, instead of just doing a business profile, gives depth and a “human face” to a local business.

So why should we care about local business? I hate to answer a question with another question but what if the AwfulAwful was replaced by another McDonald’s? If Blue Moon was replaced by another Domino’s? Rose’s by ANOTHER Subway?

This can’t happen! We can’t afford to lose another Butcher Boy or a Dreamer’s Coffee. Local business is essential to not only a healthy economy but a diverse culture. It’s time to raise awareness and educate each other about this.

If you are interested in making this project happen, contact me through the website. It’s time to Renourish!

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Thunderbirds are go!

The Thunderbirds are synonymous with the childhood of many Las Vegans. I remember my dad taking me down to Nellis for an air show where the Thunderbirds were the stars. I did this design a couple of years ago as a screen saver and thought I’d share it.

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Come And Take It

Photo by J. Williams from

I came across this flag while researching a re-branding project. It was made for the Battle of Gonzales, the first battle of the Texas Revolution from Mexico. The flag is simple, cool, it has major bawlz.

I don’t know about you, but when I saw it, I immediately thought of the Fremont cannon and the UNR/UNLV game.  And since the the “F-UNLV” and “F-UNR” messages are overplayed, I thought I’d suggest something cooler.

So taking the original layout and color:

We can change it up a bit:

Blue and Silver when UNR has the cannon.

Red and white when UNLV has it. And they could be flags or they could also be t-shirts:

It would be a great fundraising idea for a fraternity or club. Let me know if you want the design, and just… come and take it. (oh man, I kill myself).

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The Nevada Buckaroo

Came across this little gem while doing some research about Nevada legislation in 1931 for an opinion piece I’m writing. The movie was filmed in 1931 and stars Bob Steele. It’s set in the fictional town of Rattlesnake Gulch and has everything from a passionate Latina named Rosita to good old-fashioned frontier justice. Enjoy!

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Can’t say I don’t agree

Designer unkown. Found on tumblr.

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See the two ladies who lunch after the jump…

Continue reading…

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Just a Little Blog

I didn’t know what to write for the first blog post, so I decided to put up a poem of Jessie’s that I read at her memorial service. It is pretty much a summary of who Jessie was as a person and I want it to be the ethos of this blog. We are all capable of doing more, even if it just a little bit.

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